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We offer a catering experience tailord to both your small and large events. Smoke P’s Team has over 40 years combined experiance in hospitality and event hosting. Our menu includes a variety of smoked meats, delicious bbq sides, desserts, and special request items.

And we offer services beyond.

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Our Food truck

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team building events

Event activities

-sauce-off- ……………………..

-RUB-off- …………………………

~~Teams or individuals given a brief genrel overview of the components to make up their own bbq rub/sauce, then will be timed to put their pallets to the test using the provided ‘pantry’

Times up, sauce off! rubs/sauces bottled up and anonymously submitted. Judged by P and guest. Winners gain prize. Everyone takes home their own bottle~~

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Group mini class:

~~mini class instructed by Peyton, information compacted into an hour and a half long guided note taking presentation, students will be provided guided note taking pocket guides to reflect back on, live demonstration of all components that goes into that particular cook, and will leave with a confident understanding of the demo~~

Mini class available:

-Brisket breakdown- -smoked turkey- -sausage making-

-pickling guide (how to pickle)-

-rib breakdown- -muchmore-

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